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Friday, July 23, 2010

My first orchid--bloomed by yours, truly!

I have to say, this pahiopedilum (it's supposed to be a hybrid between Dark Cherry and Cocoa something) almost bloomed itself.  I picked it up at Dominick's last summer (09) because of the pretty burgundy and green flower...and because I lady slipper orchids are amazing.  I hadn't tried to grow an orchid in the past because I was convinced it would be an unsuccessful venture.   I water it twice a week in the sink (just let tons of water run through it), I have it in a north facing window where it gets a moderate amount of light, and I use a dilute basic plant fertilizer about every other time I water it--that is on a good week.  The bloom originally lasted about 8 - 12 weeks before finally shriveling up in the Fall. 

This spring, actually on my first post, I noticed a bud.  It took about a month for the bud to form the flower, but it was so worth the wait.  Enjoy!

Starting to open...

Tantalizingly slow in opening...

Here's the whole plant...lookin' fine!

And, finally, my attempt at a macro image of the flower.  I think this plant is gorgeous!  And really, I forgot about it the whole winter (whoops).  Sometimes, less is more!

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  1. Outstanding orchid bloom! Such a beautiful color and your pictures are great. Congrats!