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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Huernia finally blooms

My beleaguered Huernia is finally starting to put out flowers.  I still think it is a Huernia confusa due to the mottling of the annulus and the broken horizontal bands on the...uh...petals? 

No smell on this one, thankfully.  It's a crazy looking flower, but I love it!  The texture is firm and waxy, like plastic: it looks and feels fake...but it lives!  This plant needs a lot more water than I am used to giving succulents.  If I let it dry out even slightly, flower buds start turning red and shriveling up.  I've been making this mistake since I first potted this plant.  Better dry than dead, yes, but I've missed out on many a flower before I realized my mistake.  Oh, huernia, you thirsty lush!

A little shot of my currently blooming Asclepiadaceae ...